The Nave Roof

06-Mar-2018: Stone Mason repairing masonry

08-Feb-2018: Nave Roof with new slates

11-Jan-2018: New battens and some slates restored

05-Dec-2017: Protecting the Nave Roof

02-Nov-2017: Tiles removed from south aisle roof

09-Oct-2017: North aisle roof before renovation

The Chancel Interior

22-May-2019: Interior scaffolding again for window repair

20-Jul-2018: Scaffolding Being Removed

20-Jul-2018: New Paintwork in the Chancel

20-Jul-2018: Chancel Looking Smart

19-Apr-2018: Paintwork Renovated

19-Apr-2018: Design Revealed above East Window

27-Mar-2018: Scaffolding being erected

17-Mar-2018: Paint removed behind altar

22-Feb-2018: Pennants and Floor Tiles being restored

09-Feb-2018: Floor tiles removed for repair

09-Feb-2018: Restoration of floor tiles

29-Nov-2017: Removing paintwork in the chancel