Building Group

The responses from the survey will help shape the brief, and the Building Group will seek an architectural solution (or some options) which respect the past - whilst looking to a beautiful and sustainable future. Emerging ideas will need the approval of the Diocese.

Latest News October 2017

The Building Group has now merged with the Steering Group. Graham Connellan has joined the group as Project Co-ordinator and will be the prime contact with builders and craftsmen.
Phil Dale is in the process of obtaining tenders for the design and implementation of new lighting for the chancel and nave.

At the meeting of the Heytesbury, Tytherington & Knook Parochial Parish Council (PCC) on 20th May 2016 a report on the Church Heating was presented by Victor Prior.
In late 2015 it was agreed to try running the church heating system at a lower temperature, but more often, to keep a higher ambient temperature within the building. Professional advice suggests that no more than 16C should be comfortable for people dressed for outdoors in winter.
The impact of the fabric of the church and its contents ie the organ, has to be considered with severe cold increasing the risk of condensation and rapid heating might create stress to the boiler and existing pipework.
Consequently the heating has now been programmed to come on more often and can be run continuously for special days, ie weddings, funerals, Christmas and Easter services, etc. There is expected to be a further increase in the heating requirements with the new Friday Toddlers group and other planned events within the church.
Several Heating experts have been asked for quotations on improving the existing heating system.

At the meeting of the Building Group on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 several ideas from the meeting with the DAC were explored further.

1. One of the floorboards in the lower choir pews was removed to reveal that there is no floor underneath.

2. Heating was discussed as a priority and 3 members of the group have been tasked with investigating the options, especially low carbon solutions.

The following points were discussed at the meeting with the Diocesan Advisory Committee on Thursday 10th March:

    1. The position and structure of any enclosed area, called pavilions or pods, which may be placed in the church. The Archdeacon suggested that any structure should not be too close to the existing walls so as not to impede the ability to process around the church. The design must be sympathetic to its surrounds.
    2. Re-positioning of the font was proposed so that baptisms do not take place with the congregation facing towards the back of the church. The Archdeacon approved this idea and suggested that it was placed in an appropriate place in the chancel.
    3. There is a need to involve an archaeologist to assess the suitability of the churchyard for sewage and water issues to enable a WC to be installed.
    4. Various funding avenues are being pursued to enable the repair of the church roof to start as soon as possible. It was reiterated that the roof repair and the redesign of part of the church interior were separate issues.
    5. Tom Roberts closed the meeting by reminding everyone that it is important to consider the sustainability of Heytesbury Church for the future. It is felt that this can only happen if changes to the interior are made, with improved heating and provision of an appropriate space for both church and community needs.

Group Leader Tom Roberts is a Chartered Architect and Town Planner, and has much experience in seeking funding to enable things to take shape. Our Church Architect, Rob Dunton, will also be an important player as we will be looking at conservation and repairs as part of an integrated picture in our funding bids. Rob is a Director of Donald Insall Associates, one of the leading conservation architecture practices in the country.

The following are members of the group:

    Tom Roberts
    Graham Connellan
    Joe Charlesworth
    Peter Bennett
    Philip Dale
    Richard Guy
    Robin Hungerford
    Victor Prior